NYC Church Tweeting the Passion of Christ

Experience the Passion of Christ — in 140-character bursts. In a marriage of Christian tradition and digital technology, Wall Street’s Trinity Church is using the micro-blogging service Twitter to perform the story of Jesus Christ.

The main characters will tweet the Passion play for three hours beginning at noon on Good Friday. The feed also can be delivered to mobile devices or e-mail addresses.

The lower Manhattan Episcopal parish also is offering a Web version of the Stations of the Cross. The church was founded by a small group of Anglicans in 1697.


It’s Not Easter for Me Anymore

Why do most Christians refer to the day of Christ’s resurrection, when His victory over death, hell and the grave was won and his atoning sacrifice was shown to be sufficient to remove God’s wrath and the penalty of sin, with a name that comes from pagan goddess worship?

“The true meaning and definition of the word Easter points to a pagan godess and a pagan celebration. The apostles would have never associated the name Easter with their risen savior, so why should I; why should you?”

Some may think it’s being picky about semantics, but for me this is a much better way to go.

Facebook Meets Wisdom

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Colossians 3:17, ESV

Stephen Altrogge, at The Blazing Center, has a thoughtful post on using Facebook wisely for the glory of God.  He approaches the subject in terms of three categories:  relationship with God, relationship with others, and temptation.  He does not portray Facebook as the Devil, but he does offer some helpful suggestions for evaluating our own personal use of Facebook.  Two basic questions he suggests asking yourself:

Does using Facebook result in me spending less time with the Lord?

Does it result in me being more distracted in my devotional times?

At the end of the day, Facebook is a tool with much potential.  Like so many other things, it all comes down to how it is used.  Read the entire post here.

9 Things the Media Messed Up About the Obama Stem Cell Story

Josh Brahm provides detailed documentation of how the media got it wrong – again.

10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now


An article in Time magazine covers 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now, and I bet you’re going to be surprised at #3: “The New Calvinism”. The article gives shout-outs to John Piper, Mark Driscoll, and Albert Mohler as examples of the growing evangelical Calvinist movement. David Crowder and Colin Hansen are also mentioned.  You can read the whole story here.

Obama to Rescind Conscience Rule on Abortion

President Obama has announced plans to rescind the “conscience rule”, which protects healthcare workers from losing their jobs if they decline to perform “treatments” that violate their personal, moral, or religious beliefs.  More specifically, it protects those who do not want to participate in “treatments” that destroy unborn human life.

This is no surprise to anyone that paid attention to his political record.  I do wonder how all the people feel who voted for him basically because he’s black and “cool”.

You can read more about it here.

Johnny Cash

Yesterday would have been Johnny Cash’s 77th birthday.  In an essay from 2005, Russell D. Moore comments on Johnny Cash’s unique influence on the “MTV generation”, that still lives on after his death.  He writes:

“Cash always seemed to connect. When other Christian celebrities tried to down-play sin and condemnation in favor of upbeat messages about how much better life is with Jesus, Cash sang about the tyranny of guilt and the certainty of coming judgment. An angst-ridden youth culture may not have fully comprehended guilt, but they understood pain. And, somehow, they sensed Cash was for real.

The face of Johnny Cash reminded this generation that he has tasted everything the MTV culture has to offer—and found there a way that leads to death. In a culture that idolizes the hormonal surges of youth, Cash reminds the young of what MTV doesn’t want them to know: “It is appointed to man once to die, and after this the judgment.” His creviced face and blurring eyes remind them that there is not enough Botox in all of Hollywood to revive a corpse.”

Click here to read the entire essay.