It’s O.K. to Ask, “Why Me?”

Why me?

It’s a question we all have asked at one time or another.  When things don’t turn out the way we want, or expected; when the inevitable disappointments and tragedies of life force themselves on us, whether we actually voice it or not, the thought can easily cross our mind.  The truth is that there’s nothing wrong with asking, “Why Me?” The error is not in asking the question, but rather when and why we ask it.

Monday was my birthday. It was a great day, thanks mostly to my wonderful wife, Nola, who started the festivities on Friday night by kidnapping me and taking me to see “Captain America”. Not only that, but she took me to the Warren Theater, where we sat in the balcony where you can order from a menu and eat during the movie (we shared a personal supreme pizza and grilled chicken nachos – delicious!).  After that we went to a nearby shop for Italian gelato and coffee.  Then, on my birthday last night, she surprised me again with a delicious supper, topped of with birthday cake and ice cream.

Why me?

Nola and I are both in good enough health to work, to play, and enjoy life. Our physical needs are met beyond what we actually need to survive. Our family lives close by and we get to see them frequently.
Nola loves her job, and we have a wonderful church home where I’m blessed to serve on staff.

Why me?

You see, we usually ask that question in response to negative events, revealing an underlying attitude that we deserve better than we’re getting, that maybe we’ve been “ripped off”. It’s as if we’re saying, “This is not right, and somebody’s got some explaining to do.” And the somebody we’re holding responsible for this horrible injustice is God. But in reality, when we suffer the effects of this sinful, broken world we live in, especially when our pain is the result of our own sin, the only reasonable question to ask is, “Why not me?”

Every day, we receive far more grace than we deserve or should ever expect, even in the darkest times. We really do not want God to give us what we deserve. When the sun is shining and the sky is blue, and we feel like life couldn’t possibly get any better – THAT is the time we should stop and ask, “Why me?” It’s also the question that will rise up inside of us when we consider what Jesus did at the cross, to reconcile us back to God by receiving His wrath for our sin.

So when life is hard, hold fast to the promise that He works all things for good, and that He loves us and never leaves us. And when life is good, remember to ask, “Why me?”, and let it take you to the cross in praise and thanksgiving for the many undeserved joys that God gives you, and much more than that, for what He has given you in Christ.