What’s Going On * 05.09.09

I want to thank all of you that have prayed for us as we’ve started our new ministry.  Our training was intense, to say the very least.  Lots of good information, all of it very helpful and necessary; but having it all crammed into 2-1/2 weeks, along with our time “shadowing” in the 2 cottages we will be serving in, made it very physically and emotionally draining.  But, we’ve also had our first 10-day break, which has been wonderful.  We visited family in Oklahoma City last weekend, and have had several days back in here Austin to get more settled into our apartment and just relax.

When asked how we like it so far, I’ve answered that we don’t really know, because we haven’t done it “for real” yet.  Our time last month was full of training, classes, videos, getting to know the houseparents and kids in each house, and trying to learn how each house is run.  This next time will be very different, and Nola and I are really looking forward to going back on duty tomorrow at 2 p.m. and just doing the job.  We are literally surrounded by ministry opportunities, and are excited and eager to be used by God.  So again, thank you for praying for us, and for the encouraging emails, texts, and “tweets”, and please pray for us this month as the Lord brings us to mind.


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