Tim Hughes on Effectiveness in Worship Leading

This is from Tim Hughes’ (writer of “Beautiful One”, “Here I Am to Worship”) session at the WorshipTogether.com LIVE tour, in Oklahoma City on March 28th, on being a more effective worship leader. He said there are six questions that are beneficial to ask:

In Preparing to Lead:

1. Where are we leading them to?
* Find a balance between being prophetic and pastoral
* Consider the context you’re leading in when picking keys, songs

2. How are we preparing?
* Both technically and spiritually
* Authentic worship is more caught than taught
* Mix substance with simplicity

While leading worship:
3. Where are we going?
* There is a difference between a songleader and a worship leader
* The Holy Spirit is the Chief Worship Leader

4. How are people responding?
* Be attentive and flexible
* If they’re not responding, resist “beating the sheep”

After leading worship:
5. Where do you “recharge”?
* Don’t be defined by how things went

6. How am I developing?
* We should aim for perfection, but settle for excellence
* 4 additional questions for Monday (or the day after):
    1. What were the highlights of my week?
    2. What were the low points of my week?
    3. What is one lesson I’ve learned?
    4. What is one action point I can take?


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