It’s Official

Today we received the official letter from Children at Heart Ministries, offering us the position of relief houseparents at the Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock.  The first few weeks we will going through training, getting CPR and First Aid certifications, along with assorted other classes and “hoops” to jump through.  Our start date is Sunday, April 12th – Easter Sunday.  At first we’ll be spending the nights in the cottages, with the kids and the houseparents, while we go through the training during the day.

So now we can finally make some real plans about moving.  But before we do move, we’re going to Oklahoma City on Monday, to spend a week with the family before we start the new gig.  Once we get back, we’ll start moving in to the apartment at the TBCH campus where we will live 10 days of the month (the other 20 or so we will be in cottages while the regular houseparents are on their leave).

We still need our house to sell, which we know will happen in God’s perfect time.  There is much to do, and many adjustments and changed that will come over the next month or two.  But, we have no doubt that this is what God has for us next, and we are very excited about it.


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