Lord God Almighty,

Thou art beforehand with men

for thou hast reconciled thyself to the world

through the cross,

and dost beseech men to accept reconciliation.

It is my responsibility to grasp thy overtures of grace,

for if thou, the offended part, act first

with the word of appeasement,

I need not call in question thy willingness to save,

but must deplore my own foolish maliciousness;

If I do not come to thee as one who seeks thy favour,

I live in contempt, anger, malice, self-sufficiency,

and thou dost call it enmity.

Thou hast taught me the necessity of a Mediator,

a Messiah,

to be embraced in love with all my heart,

as king to rule me,

as prophet to guide me,

as priest to take away my sin and death,

and this by faith in thy beloved Son

who teaches me

not to guide myself,

not to obey myself,

not to try to rule and conquer sin,

but to cleave to the one who will do all for me.

Thou hast made known to me

that to save me is Christ’s work,

but to cleave to him by faith is my work,

and with this faith is the necessity of my

daily repentance

as a mourning for the sin which Christ

by grace has removed.

Continue, O God, to teach me

that faith apprehends Christ’s righteousness

not only for the satisfaction of justice,

but as unspotted evidence of thy love to me.

Help me to make use of his work of salvation as

the ground of peace,

and of thy favour to, and acceptance of me

the sinner,

so that I may live always near the cross.


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