What’s Going On * 03.12.09

We heard from the Texas Baptist Children’s Home today; it appears that it’s going to be a “go”.  The Director is out until next Tuesday, but after he gets back he will draft and send our letter of offer, and only then will it be official.  Our start date will likely be March 29th, though it could come sooner; the letter will give the specific date, along with other details.

Now that we have a more definite time frame, we are starting to make plans about when to move (we’ll be living on the campus in Round Rock), and what to move.  Our house still has not sold, despite the “above and beyond” effort of our realtor, Otis Fields.  We plan to sell some of our furniture, since we will not need all that we have at our new location.  We may leave some of it in our house until it sells, since homes usually show better with furniture in them.

Our duties will involve relieving the regular houseparents during their 10-day respite each month.  During that time, we will live in the cottages with the kids, 24/7.  We will do this for 2 different cottages each month, spending 10 days in each one.  The other 10 days of the month (or so), we are off-duty.

We are very excited at the possibilities for ministry that this position holds, and at the same time we have many questions because this is so different and unknown.  The training we will receive will answer many of those questions, but we both realize that we are about to be “stretched” like never before.  But the bottom line is we are very excited, and looking forward to what God will do in and through us, in this new chapter of life.


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