There May Be Hope Yet

Alvin Reid and Nathan Finn, both professors at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, have written excellent open letters addressing the issue of Calvinism and “non-Calvinism” in the SBC. They have also written an article together, with another article forthcoming. I believe that this is the kind of dialogue that can be very helpful in SBC life, and can help us get focused back where we should be – the Gospel.

“Though we disagree with each other concerning Calvinism, we are convinced that this issue does not have to be a source of division in the SBC. We know folks get tired of hearing this, but it is true: there has always been room in the SBC for both Calvinists and non-Calvinists.”

Click here to find links to their open letters, and to read the first article on the subject that they have written together.


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