Christ Satisfied Justice

“There was only one, and there will not need to be another, who bore the full weight of the divine judgment upon sin and bore it so as to end it. The lost will eternally suffer in the satisfaction of justice. But they will never satisfy it. Christ satisfied justice.”

—John Murray, Redemption Accomplished and Applied

(Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1955), 77


GHM Metallica commercial

Bob Knight, Rick Pitino, Mike Krzyzewski, and Roy Williams in the new commercial for Guitar Hero Metallica.

Forgiving A Killer

Cindy Winters, the widow of slain Pastor Fred Winters, speaks out about forgiveness in Jesus.

Tim Hughes on Effectiveness in Worship Leading

This is from Tim Hughes’ (writer of “Beautiful One”, “Here I Am to Worship”) session at the LIVE tour, in Oklahoma City on March 28th, on being a more effective worship leader. He said there are six questions that are beneficial to ask:

In Preparing to Lead:

1. Where are we leading them to?
* Find a balance between being prophetic and pastoral
* Consider the context you’re leading in when picking keys, songs

2. How are we preparing?
* Both technically and spiritually
* Authentic worship is more caught than taught
* Mix substance with simplicity

While leading worship:
3. Where are we going?
* There is a difference between a songleader and a worship leader
* The Holy Spirit is the Chief Worship Leader

4. How are people responding?
* Be attentive and flexible
* If they’re not responding, resist “beating the sheep”

After leading worship:
5. Where do you “recharge”?
* Don’t be defined by how things went

6. How am I developing?
* We should aim for perfection, but settle for excellence
* 4 additional questions for Monday (or the day after):
    1. What were the highlights of my week?
    2. What were the low points of my week?
    3. What is one lesson I’ve learned?
    4. What is one action point I can take?

On Young People and the Emerging Church

“Young people will give their lives for an exclamation point, but they will not give their lives for a question mark, not for very long anyway.  Once the protest runs out and the emerging church has its own blogdom, and conferences, and church networks, and book deals, there will be no exclamation point, and all that’s left will be ethical intentions and passionate appeals for kingdom living.  This will not sustain a movement – the protest will for a while, but once that’s gone there will be no great vision of God, no urgent proclamation of salvation, no eternal judgment or reward at stake, just a call to live rightly and love one another.  That message will sell on Oprah, Larry King, and at the Oscars, but it won’t sustain and propel a gospel-driven church, because it isn’t the gospel.”

Kevin DeYoung, in Why We’re Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be

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If President Obama Twittered

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