What’s Going On – 02.24.09

We got back to Austin Monday night, after a week in Oklahoma City for birthday celebrations and job hunting.  Nola has a job if we move there, at a Hallmark store in Norman.  She also has a good prospect at Dress Barn, which would involve her being hired to move into management.  I have 4 interviews, that I’ll call to set up once (and if) we get moved there.

While in Oklahoma, I spoke to the Pastor of a church in Gilbert, Arizona, about coming as Student Ministries Pastor.  I sent him some more information, and he is supposed to call me back for a follow-up phone interview later this week.  I have also heard back from a couple of other churches, that they are just starting to sort through the resumes they’ve received and it will be a few weeks before they start contacting prospects.

Tomorrow morning, we have an interview at 10 a.m. at the Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock, where we’ve applied to be relief houseparents.  We’ll be interviewed by several people including the Executive Director, the houseparents we would be relieving each month, and case workers.  This would be Youth Ministry like we’ve never known, at a level we’ve never experienced, and we are excited about the possibility and praying that it will be where God takes us.

If, in God’s providence, this does not work out, we will begin packing immediately and moving to Oklahoma City next week, where we will live with Nola’s parents, and work and wait for God to lead us to a new ministry.  While it would be nice to be there so close to family, this is not our first choice, for many obvious reasons.  But we are trusting God, and confident that where He takes us is best.   Also, please continue to pray about our house selling as well.  No matter what happens as far as ministry goes, we simply can not keep paying the house payment after next week.  If it does not sell, we will have to make some hard decisions about what to do.

Please make a note, or set an alarm, and pray for us Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.  I’ll post an update if anything “big” happens.  Thanks for your prayers!


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  1. Good to see you back up here. Will pray.

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