What’s Going On – 02.04.09

Things with us are still “up in the air”.  I have sent my resume out to over 40 churches, in 8 different states, and another 10 churches have received it from their state convention (in North Carolina).  One promising possibility fell through because the church did not offer health insurance, and could not pay enough for us to be able to afford it ourselves.  There are a couple of things “brewing” right now, but nothing is very far along in the process.  Most of the churches are still receiving resumes; once that is done, they will start reviewing them and begin making contact with prospective candidates.  So it’s probably still 2 to 3 weeks until I can expect to hear back from any of them.  On the “home” front, we have not had many to look at the house, so we are lowering the price again in hopes of generating traffic and getting it sold.

Our tentative plan is that if a new ministry position does not develop in the next couple of weeks, we will move to Oklahoma City at the end of this month, to live with Nola’s parents temporarily while we find employment.  I will continue to look for a church to serve in, and hopefully that will happen within a month or two.  We’re going to Oklahoma around the 16th or 17th, to have a few days to look for jobs there and to be at birthday celebrations for Nola’s Mother, my Mother, and Tara.  After that we’ll come back to Austin, pack up the rest of our stuff, and probably head north around Feb. 26th.

So, the only thing that is certain is that a month from now, our lives will be very different.  But we know that God is already there, and though we wonder what it will look like and where it will be, we know that He is our firm foundation – not a job, or a home, or a city, or even a church.  It’s an odd time; I would hope that no one ever experiences what we have, and are, but we are excited to see what God is going to do.


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