Mark Dever Interviews Don Whitney

I just finished reading “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life”, by Don Whitney, which I strongly recommend to anyone interested in developing the disciplines for growing in Christ-likeness.  In this interview by Mark Dever, he discusses busyness, praying through Scripture, the disciplines, mysticism, and more.

Donald Whitney Interview


Back In the Saddle Again

After an extended break, I’m returning to the blog.  I’ll post updates during this time of transition, so please pray for and with us as we seek God’s will.

As of today, I’ve sent my resume to 36 churches in several states, and it’s on file in 6 states for churches to request.  Most churches do not search for staff during the holidays, and are just now either resuming or beginning the process, so it is a time for patience and trusting God.  After Feb. 15, I will have no income, and our health benefits will be our responsibility after Feb. 28.  We listed the house for sale on Dec. 16; since then, it has been shown only 4 times.  So you can see that this is definitely an “interesting” time, to say the very least.

My daily Bible reading has me in Exodus these days, which is very appropriate for our situation.  It reminds me of several things:

1) God is not only aware of our situation, He has ordained it for His glory

2) Nothing is too big for Him to handle, and however He does it will be best

3) God often lets things get desperate (from our perspective) before moving, thus bringing Himself even more glory

So we are confident that, whatever happens, it will bring God glory and be the best for us.  I must be honest and admit that there are times it all weighs on us heavily.  There is much uncertainty in our lives these days, and there have been times of disappointment when it looked as if something were about to happen, only to have it fall through.
But God is always on His throne, and we are excited about what He’s going to do, and we are committed to Him getting much glory and honor through this time in our lives.