Friday Night Lights

I got in a little while ago from doing another night as an extra in the stands for “Friday Night Lights”. I always enjoy doing it – though I much prefer the days we shoot location scenes, which are usually indoors and only 4 hours or so (plus it’s easier to see yourself on TV when the show airs!) But it’s an easy $56 (plus about $13 tonight for overtime), and very interesting to get to watch all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

Nola is going with me on Saturday; we’re going to be “churchgoers” – not exactly a stretch. This is the last week they’ll be shooting, until the writer’s strike gets resolved. I hope the show makes it; it’s a blast to do, and the cast and crew are genuinely nice people, from the PAs to the principal actors. In my opinion, the show really captures what Texas high school football towns are like, good, bad and ugly, without glorifying the bad or over-romanticizing the good.


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